What a joy it is to hear a new singer who is simultaneously possessed of a beautifully melodic voice, a mastery of phrasing, exquisite diction and a sense of fun!  Carolyn Nelson’s new CD “Come A Little Closer” is an utter delight from start to finish – a treasure chest of tunes where each musical gem sparkles with a luster all its own.  From the swinging “I Don’t Know Enough About You” and “The Gypsy In My Soul” to the bebop trio which graces “Four”, there is something here for any fan of vocal jazz.  Contrast Ms. Nelson’s sultry and seductive rendition of Cole Porter’s “It’s All Right With Me” with the sheer playfulness with which she delivers another Porter classic, “Just One Of Those Things”.  Her dulcet tones and perceptive delivery transport the listener seamlessly from the innocent fun of “O Pato (The Duck)” through the sweetly alluring “I Didn’t Know About You” and on to a charming up-tempo version of Michel Le Grand’s “Dans Ses Yeux” (for which Ms. Nelson herself wrote the English lyrics). 

 The highlight of the recording is her rendition of “Too Close For Comfort”, in which Ms. Nelson flawlessly combines purity and sexiness into one irresistibly intoxicating musical cocktail.  She chases this with a romantic and passionate version of Henry Mancini’s “Two For The Road”, which leads into her slyly naughty “Hyde Side Blues”.  The recording ends with a very wistful version of Rodgers and Hart’s “Nobody’s Heart”.  If you find that that dreamy finale leaves you wanting more, just play the CD again, and join me in hoping that she releases another disc soon.

 John Segers,
Music Director
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Come a Little Closer was written up by a reviewer who goes by the name of “Slim” in the eponymous Slim’s Spins column.  This quarter she reviews 6 CDs all by female vocalists, “in order from bad to best. Yeah, I said that!”  Fasten your seatbelt, Ms. Slim doesn’t candy coat it!  At least you can tell I didn’t pay for the review :-)    I am pleased that my CD got a listen and a mention in such a prestigious publication, given that I’ve heard that radio hosts and reviewers get upwards of 50 CDs a week.  My CD ranked third (on the ‘best’ side of the scale!)

“CAROLYN NELSON firmly enters into Jazz territory on COME A LITTLE CLOSER (Carolyn Nelson, S/R).  While neither her repertoire nor rendition cover any new ground, at least she comes packing energy.  Nelson teams up with vocalists Wendy Simon and Paul Jost for a Lambert, Hendricks & Ross-like rendition of “Four.”… ”

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Among the Christmas presents I got was “Come a Little Closer” the new CD of mostly American standards by Carolyn Nelson of Yellow Springs, Pa.

It’s an absolute joy and I recommend it highly…  It’s amazing what jewels can be found in your backyard.

Suzanne Lorge announced the release of Carolyn’s CD, Come a Little Closer, in her VoxNews column in the March issue of the NYC Jazz Record, saying:  ”Carolyn Nelson has been singing professionally for awhile but only just this year released her first CD of standards, Come a Little Closer (s/r).  It’s a laudable debut that features Nelson’s precise musicianship and bright sound.” pg 11.

“Come a Little Closer,” the title of Carolyn Nelson’s debut cd, has a teasing sense of romance about it.  At times comfortably close…at times alone and apart.  Then there’s that quirky, quacky Brazilian duck song “O Pato.”
Regardless of the mood or sentiment, the singer and the songwriter’s message is never blurred.  From the alluring “I Don’t Know Enough About You” to the apologetic “I Didn’t Know About You” you’re easily woven into love’s angles and rhymes.
Singers walk a fine line between jazz and pop.  Carolyn Nelson’s interpretations keep things in balance.
Bob Craig
“Voices in Jazz”
I passed along your cd to Bob Perkins, who enjoyed it quite well. He told me he was planning on airing it..perhaps this evening (Weds).  And I will continue to do likewise.  Please stay in touch.  Bob

Oh, wow!  Absolutely gorgeous voice!  I love the way you ‘breathe’ the lyrics; nice range; beautiful tone; great vibrato control; nice trio; what’s not to love?  You are awesome! 5 stars 

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